Handcrafted yoga bun hair stick and pocket comb


Enhance your hair styling routine with our handcrafted wooden hair sticks and a mini hair comb. Thoughtfully designed for yoginis, travellers, meditation enthusiasts, and those who embrace slow living. These sticks boast a timeless retro design, adding an elegant touch to your daily rituals. Crafted for durability, these sticks are perfect for securing and embellishing buns or chignons, ensuring a scratch-free and refreshing experience with their subtle, natural fragrance. Versatile for both daily wear and special occasions, these wooden hair sticks are more than accessories; they're charming expressions of your mindful and intentional lifestyle. Elevate your hair styling with simplicity and sophistication, whether you're heading to a retreat, embarking on a journey, or simply embracing the art of slow living. Give your hair a touch of sophistication and make heads turn with these simple yet enchanting wooden hair sticks that also double as delightful bookmarks. 

Indulge your hair with our handcrafted wooden pocket comb, offering a gentle glide over your scalp and through your locks. Experience easy detangling, minimising breakage and split ends, while enjoying the biggest advantage of environmental-friendliness. Crafted for sustainability, our wooden comb is biodegradable, making it a conscious and eco-friendly choice for your hair care routine. Elevate your grooming experience with a touch of nature, ensuring both your hair and the environment are treated with care and respect.