Wanderlust Wellness Mini Pocket Kit

£40.00 £50.00
Step into the world of mindful travel with our Wanderlust Wellness Mini Pocket Kit, a compact yet comprehensive collection crafted for the eco-conscious traveler.
This kit encapsulates the essence of sustainable travel and self-care, making it an essential for your adventures near and far. Begin your day with the gentle touch of our **Handmade Block Printed Face Towel**, designed to pamper your skin with its soft, absorbent fabric. Elevate your cleansing ritual with our artisanal **Handmade Soap**, blending natural ingredients for a soothing, nourishing lather. The included **Mini Loofah** adds an exfoliating experience, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. 
Each item in the Wanderlust Wellness Mini-Kit is a testament to quality, sustainability, and thoughtful design. It's more than a travel kit; it's an invitation to embrace wellness wherever you go. Ideal for gifting or personal indulgence, this kit is a must-have for any journey, reminding you to cherish every moment with a touch of eco-luxury.