We believe in building meaningful relationships with our customers who’re truly passionate about eco-friendly living, mindfulness practices, and exploring the depths of Indian and British culture. If you are an influencer who resonates with the same, we would love to get in touch with you! Through this affiliation we will be creating original content that is educational and adds true value to our audience. 

Through this program you will not only be generating an income of 10% of every sale through your link, you will also be able to foster true connections with a customer base that shares the same interests and ideals as you. 

We’re not looking for huge follower bases, but rather for someone who is invested in being a brand champion, and embodying the ideals of Kedgeree Design.

Yoga teachers, coaches, influencers, bloggers and affiliate marketers are all welcome. To discuss further you could fill up the information in the form below.  


  • An individual who uses their page to foster true, personal relationships with their audience
  • Someone who understands, and actively participates in practices of mindfulness, clean living and exercise.
  • Passionate about protecting Mother Nature.
  • Comfortable creating long form (IGTV) and short form (static posts, reels).
  • Will be a reliable advocator of Kedgeree’s products and ideals.
  • We don’t need a huge following, what we want instead is a shared passion and investment to GROW!
  • UK ambassadors only (for now).


  • 10% of all sales made through your link is yours!
  • Your friends and family can get 10% off on any Kedgeree product.
  • You will find a community through our other customers and followers who are passionate about the same things you are.
  • We will also be constantly supporting and promoting the content you make for us.