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Gone are the days when you stashed away your yoga gear before the guests arrived. Kedgeree's mats promise to be the central point of conversation at your next dinner party.

Sustainably sourced, Artisanally designed and inspired by our Ind-Brit concept, our mats add a new dimension to your yoga ritual. 

Our yoga mats are not made of cheap plastics. They are produced from durable, lightweight, and sweat-resistant cork.

Our nature inspired designs and eco-friendly approach will bring you close to the environment in which yoga was always meant to be done.

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Kedgeree is a family-run business that has its roots in India but germinated in the UK. We are bringing to you our first line of products in the form of yoga mats.

Lockdowns made me realise how a beautiful and eco-friendly yoga mat can inspire me to do yoga every day. However, not many options existed so, with my sister, Swagata, I set out to create Kedgeree yoga mats.

Swagata and I have always had porous cultural boundaries. Our lives have been enriched by the sentiments of our own culture, while constantly learning and imbibing the values of others. Kedgeree was therefore an acknowledgement to the beauty of Culture, not as a monolith, but a melting pot, of several traditions, sentiments and histories. And a journal we use to memorialise the elegant drape of our mother's Mekhela Chador, to the hazy sketch of a bumblebee I made during my weekly picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew.

With Love
Daisy Deka
Founder @kedgereedesign

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Probably the most interesting part of our website other than our beautiful cork yoga mats.

* See what yoginis and yogis have to say about #MyKedgereeMats.

* Enjoy curated content on mindfulness, relaxation and self-care.

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Hummingbird cork yoga mat in use


Style and wellness can be intertwined. We believe that eco-conscious products can be beautiful and look stylish. Our mission is to integrate artisanal styles, cross-cultural concepts and sustainable approaches into wellness products which become part of your lifestyle.

Being earth conscious should be stylish, look good on you, in your home, office and studio.

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