A beautiful melange of culture, sustainability and exquisite artistry is at the core of Kedgeree.

With each product comes the promise of Indian motifs welded with British elegance- individually crafted to reflect the best parts of the human aura. Our creativity and production stems from a wealth of traditional Indian practices, which showcase the tell-tale signs of the human hand, and strives to employ the most sustainably sound practices.

We envision ourselves eventually working with You to furnish a Kedgeree Home, that not only reflects your timeless taste, but is also gentle on the Earth.

But for right now, we are nurturing your souls with our first line of products - Cork Yoga mats.


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Yoga line

Yoga is born from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means union, signifying the coming together of the mind, body and soul to create harmony. Our cork mats are created in line with that ideology. Made sustainably from the highest-grade cork rubber, they effortlessly blend functionality, aesthetics and ethics to become an indispensable part of your mindfulness routine.

The three mats, “The Lotus”, The Elephant”, and “The Hummingbird”, are each meant to appeal to an intrinsic element of your personality.

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Ever had a warm bowl of Khichdi? With undeniable richness that envelopes you in every bite, it’s a melting pot of wholesome goodness. It boasts of a beautiful medley of lentils, rice, and spices, yet maintains its understated simplicity. Kedgeree is the British variant of Khichdi.

Kedgeree’s design philosophy is a reflection of its name. Redefining fusion décor while preserving the authenticity of each culture is at the heart and soul of what we do. Think, lofty cathedrals and fancy derby hats meet saffron chai and old-school Bombay. Our designs incorporate bold British iconography and weld them elegantly with traditional Indian crafts, to highlight the best of both worlds.


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Our sustainability thread

Contributing to sustainable ware and the conscious consumer market has always been at the core of building Kedgeree. We educate and incentivize our artists to accommodate eco-friendly methods of production to source ethically and sustainably grown resources. 

The client we cater to is one that wants to do their bit to tread lightly on the Earth and our designs are a reflection of this value. You can expect to find durable quality and uncompromised ethics with every purchase.