Blossom Awakening Ritual Set


Embrace the freshness of dawn with the Blossom Awakening Ritual Set, a carefully curated selection designed to infuse your morning routine with the essence of floral rejuvenation and mindful self-care. Each piece in this set is chosen to harmonise with the next, creating a seamless ritual that nurtures both body and spirit.

Kit Includes:

  • Block Print Flower Face Towel: Crafted from the softest organic cotton, this towel features a delicate block-printed flower design, bringing a touch of natural beauty to your morning routine.

  • Gua Sha: A traditional tool for beauty and wellness, the Gua Sha is perfect for a revitalising facial massage, promoting circulation and natural radiance.

  • Rose Oil: Luxuriate in the pure, soothing aroma of rose oil, a natural elixir known for its hydrating and mood-enhancing properties.

Why Choose the Blossom Awakening Ritual Set?

This kit is your invitation to a morning filled with serenity and self-love. Start your day with the Bloom Awakening Ritual Kit, and let the subtle floral motifs and natural care products inspire a day of beauty, wellness, and mindfulness.