Cleansing White Sage Sticks - Set of 2

  • Discover the tranquility of Aromatic Cleansing White Sage Sticks. Our dried white sage bundles  offer a fragrant invitation to sacred smudging rituals, blessings, and spiritual cleansing. 
  •  Sustainably sourced from India our white sage is completely natural, free from chemicals and pesticides. Each bundle is meticulously hand-wrapped and secured with 100% cotton string, imbuing every package with authenticity and care. Please note, bundle lengths & thicknesses may vary slightly due to this artisanal process.
  •  Using our White Sage is simple! Light one end of the bundle with a match or lighter until it ignites, then let it burn for about 10 seconds. Gently blow out the flame, allowing the smoldering herb to release a cleansing trail of smoke. Guide the fragrant smoke over any area you wish to purify, bless, or rid of negative energy. Always keep a fire-proof receptacle or Abalone shell filled with white sand nearby for safety.
  •  Embrace positivity with the revitalizing power of smudging! Our sage bundles help rebalance and harmonize energy within your home, fostering an environment of peace and tranquility. As the soothing aroma lingers in the air, it creates an ideal atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, and spiritual connection.
  • Give the gift of blessing and renewal! Beyond a mere sage stick, our bundles carry profound symbolism and meaning, making them a heartfelt gesture of compassion and care. Whether for a loved one or yourself, embrace the transformative potential of Aromatic White Sage and invite positivity and harmony into your life.