Moonstone Mala and Bracelet Set


Embrace the ethereal beauty and calming energy of our Moonstone Mala and Bracelet Set, carefully curated for souls drawn to the mystique of the moon and the serenity it bestows. This exquisite set merges the soothing aura of moonstone with the spiritual significance of traditional mala beads, creating an essential accessory for meditation, yoga, and Boho chic enthusiasts.

Moonstone Mala and Bracelet Set: A Beacon of Peace and Intuition

  • Moonstone Mala with 108 Beads: This mala is adorned with 108 premium moonstone beads, each chosen for its unique connection to the moon's gentle energy. The sacred number 108 holds immense spiritual significance, symbolizing the wholeness of existence. As you use this mala in your meditation and mantra practices, let the moonstone guide you to deeper introspection and heightened intuition, illuminating the path to inner peace and harmony.

  • Moonstone Bracelet with 18 Beads: Complementing the mala, our moonstone bracelet features 18 beautifully matched beads. This piece serves as a constant reminder of tranquility and clarity, supporting you with its calming vibrations throughout the day. Crafted for comfort and style, the bracelet seamlessly integrates spiritual well-being with your daily life, making it a perfect match for any occasion.

  • Ideal for Yoga, Meditation, and Boho Chic: This set is not merely an adornment but a spiritual companion, aiding in the pursuit of balance, calm, and understanding. It resonates deeply with yoga and meditation practitioners, enhancing focus and connection to the divine feminine. The moonstone's natural allure also infuses your attire with an effortless Boho chic elegance, embodying grace and fluidity.

  • Harness the Lunar Energy of Moonstone: Moonstone is revered for its association with the moon, embodying the qualities of reflection, renewal, and transformation. It is believed to nurture empathy, encourage growth, and promote emotional balance. Wearing moonstone is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, providing clarity and supporting decision-making processes.

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with Lunar Harmony: The Moonstone Mala and Bracelet Set offers more than just beauty; it is a vessel of moon-inspired tranquility and introspection. Ideal for those dedicated to deepening their meditation or yoga practices, or for anyone wishing to carry the soothing energy of the moon with them. Allow this set to enhance your spiritual journey, guiding you towards peace, intuition, and a harmonious connection with the cosmos.