Inhale, Exhale Breathwork Self-Care Package

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Embrace Serenity: Inhale, Exhale Breath work Self-Care Package

Journey into tranquility with our Inhale, Exhale Breath work Self-Care Package—an ensemble meticulously curated to enrich your meditation practice and cultivate an oasis of calmness. Purposefully designed with mindfulness in mind, each element invites serenity, focus, and self-discovery.

What's Inside:

  1. Handcrafted Incense Sticks : Immerse yourself in two distinct scents Blue Lotus and Frankincense & Basil of our handcrafted incense sticks, carefully selected to enhance focus and evoke a serene ambiance during meditation.

  2.  Natural Harmony Handmade Notebook : is made from 100% recycled paper. Our Natural Harmony notebook is versatile, serving as the perfect canvas for a variety of purposes. Whether you're gifting it to a loved one, using it as an yoga journal, documenting your thoughts and experiences, or even recording cherished recipes, its compact size makes it conveniently portable.This notebook will be your best companion for all your thoughts and inspirations.


    • Composition : 100% recycled paper, handprinted cover in cotton
    • Care : Wipe clean with damp cloth.
    • Dimensions : 7 x 5 inches (18 x 13cm)


  3. Premium Earthy Sandalwood Mala: Embrace the calming essence of white sandalwood with our intricately crafted mala. Known for alleviating stress and fostering a tranquil mind, it's a companion for profound meditation and introspection.

  4. Gorara Stone Incense Stick Holder: Enhance your meditation space with the beauty of Gorara stone. This elegantly crafted holder provides a sacred sanctuary for your incense sticks, adding a touch of grace to your practice.

Mindful Focus and Calmness:

Each component in this package is thoughtfully chosen to facilitate focus and serenity during your breathwork and meditation sessions. From the calming properties of white sandalwood to the serene scents of our incense sticks, it's a symphony for mindfulness.

Eco-Friendly Gifting:

Nurture yourself or a cherished one while nurturing the planet. Every element is consciously sourced, and the entire package is elegantly presented in a sustainable gift wrap box, aligning with our commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Why Choose Inhale, Exhale Breath work Self-Care Package?

Serene Meditation Experience: Elevate your meditation journey with tools designed to deepen your breath work practice and cultivate inner peace.

Mindfulness and Sustainability: By choosing this package, you're not only investing in your well-being but also supporting sustainable practices, contributing positively to the planet.

Indulge in the Inhale, Exhale Breath work Self-Care Package, thoughtfully designed to be your sanctuary of serenity, nurturing your mind and spirit while honouring the Earth.