Rose Quartz Mala and Bracelet Set


Introducing our captivating Rose Quartz Mala and Bracelet Set, a harmonious blend of love's gentle energy and the spiritual depth of traditional mala beads. This set is designed for those who seek to open their hearts, embrace self-love, and find peace in meditation and the Boho chic lifestyle.

Rose Quartz Mala and Bracelet Set: Embrace Love and Serenity

  • Rose Quartz Mala with 108 Beads: Our mala is graced with 108 hand-selected rose quartz beads, each radiating with the soft pink essence of unconditional love. In many spiritual traditions, 108 is a sacred number, embodying the universe's infinite love. This mala serves as a powerful tool in meditation, aiding you in chanting your mantras or guiding you through peaceful contemplation, inviting love and compassion into your practice.

  • Rose Quartz Bracelet with 18 Beads: The accompanying bracelet features 18 rose quartz beads, a symbol of love and harmony to carry with you throughout your day. It acts as a gentle reminder of the importance of self-love and the abundance of love around you. Designed for comfort and elegance, the bracelet can be worn as a daily accessory, seamlessly blending the essence of spirituality with your lifestyle.

  • Ideal for Yoga, Meditation, and Boho Chic: This set is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a companion on your journey to inner peace and self-discovery. It perfectly complements yoga and meditation practices, enhancing your focus and intention with the energy of love. The soft, feminine hue of rose quartz adds a touch of Boho chic to your wardrobe, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

  • Harness the Loving Energy of Rose Quartz: Known as the "Stone of Love," rose quartz is celebrated for its ability to open the heart, fostering unconditional love, self-esteem, and empathy. It encourages forgiveness and helps in healing the heart from the pain of past relationships, inviting love from others and enhancing harmony in existing relationships.

Nurture Your Heart and Soul with Love: The Rose Quartz Mala and Bracelet Set is more than an accessory; it's a gateway to embracing love in its purest form. Ideal for anyone engaged in yoga or meditation, or for those who wish to infuse their daily lives with the energy of love and compassion. Let this set be a constant reminder of the love within and around you, guiding you towards a life filled with peace, harmony, and affection.