Brown Tulsi Mala and Bracelet Set


Introducing our exquisite Brown Tulsi Mala and Bracelet Set, meticulously crafted for individuals who cherish spirituality, natural healing, and the essence of tranquility. This set is a tribute to the sacred Tulsi, revered in many cultures for its purifying and protective qualities. Perfectly suited for yoga, meditation, and embodying the Boho chic spirit, this set is designed to connect you with the earth's grounding energies.

Brown Tulsi Mala and Bracelet Set: A Sanctified Journey Towards Serenity

  • Brown Tulsi Mala with 108 Beads: Our mala is adorned with 108 carefully selected brown Tulsi beads, symbolizing an array of spiritual beliefs that honor the number 108 as sacred. This mala is not merely an accessory but a spiritual tool that aids in deepening your meditation practice, guiding you through mantras or breath work, and connecting you with the divine. The warm, earthy tones of the beads bring a sense of grounding and calm, enhancing your spiritual sessions with serenity and focus.

  • Brown Tulsi Bracelet with 18 Beads: Complementing the mala, the bracelet is crafted with 18 brown Tulsi beads, acting as a daily reminder of your spiritual intentions and the sanctity of nature. It's a symbol of protection and purity that you can carry with you throughout your day. The bracelet's design ensures a comfortable fit, making it suitable for continuous wear and a constant source of positive energy.

  • Ideal for Yoga, Meditation, and Boho Chic: This set resonates deeply with those engaged in yoga and meditation practices, seeking to enhance their spiritual connection and inner peace. The natural, rustic appeal of brown Tulsi wood also makes this set a perfect match for individuals who embrace the Boho chic aesthetic, offering a unique accessory that is both stylish and meaningful.

  • Embrace the Sacred Essence of Tulsi: Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is celebrated for its spiritual, medicinal, and purifying properties. It is believed to protect and align the mind, body, and spirit, fostering clarity, harmony, and a deep sense of calm. Wearing Tulsi is thought to attract positive energies, promote health, and shield the wearer from negative influences.

Ground Yourself in Tradition and Tranquility: The Brown Tulsi Mala and Bracelet Set invites you to embrace the ancient traditions and the calming presence of Tulsi. Ideal for anyone on a path to spiritual awareness, seeking to infuse their practice and daily life with the grounding energies of nature. Let this set be a constant companion on your journey towards peace, protection, and enlightenment.