Top 5 Yoga Mats & Tips for Selecting the Right One

Yoga has been a practice for centuries and is known to provide numerous health benefits. To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, using a yoga mat is crucial. Aside from providing a stable surface for yoga practice, it is also a preventive measure against potential injuries.

In the UK, one can choose from various yoga mats. However, we have compiled a list of the five best options, with the Kedgeree 4MM lotus cork yoga mat considered number one option by yoga teachers and beginners.

Kedgeree 4MM Lotus Cork Yoga Mat

If you're searching for a yoga mat that's environmentally friendly, then the Kedgeree Lotus Cork Yoga Mat is a fantastic option. It's crafted from all-natural cork and rubber, meaning it can decompose and be repurposed. The cork layer ensures a firm hold despite moisture, while the rubber bottom delivers additional support and cushioning. Cork is naturally bacteria-resistant and easy to clean. Moreover, the nature inspired lotus design and the story behind it makes it a popular choice in the yoga community. The mat also comes with a long-lasting black yoga strap for storing.

Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat

The Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat is a highly sought-after product among yoga enthusiasts. It is made with top-quality materials that offer maximum grip and support during yoga sessions. What sets it apart is the reversible design, featuring a smooth side for hot yoga and a textured side for regular practice. Additionally, the mat is made with antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

The Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat

The Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Mat is an innovative and practical mat that offers stability and fantastic grip during yoga sessions. It's crafted with natural rubber and showcases paw print designs to offer additional grip for the hands and feet. Additionally, this mat is conveniently machine washable, ensuring it stays hygienic and fresh smelling every time.

Manduka Pro Yoga Matt

The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is a popular choice among yoga enthusiasts due to its sturdiness and support. Made out of high-density PVC, it offers great relief and steadiness. Additionally, it has a surface that doesn't slide, giving it an advantage in hot yoga sessions.

The Gaiam Yoga Mat

The Gaiam Yoga Mat is an affordable choice for those seeking a basic yoga mat. Constructed from plastic, it offers both support and traction. It's also effortless to transport, rendering it ideal for people who practice yoga while traveling.


How to choose:

To ensure a comfortable and pleasing yoga practice, it is essential to choose the right yoga mat. There are numerous options available, which is why you should take a few key factors into account while making your decision. Firstly, consider the mat's thickness. A thicker mat can benefit individuals with joint sensitivities by offering more cushioning. Secondly, pay attention to the material. Common options like natural rubber, PVC, and TPE provide a varying level of durability and grip. In addition, the texture of the mat should be examined to maintain stability while performing poses. Additionally, it is important to make sure the size and weight of the mat meet your needs for convenience and comfort. Lastly, you should select a brand that is committed to sustainability, ethical, and plastic-free, such as Kedgeree, a UK/India owned brand which utilises minimal packaging.

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