Why use a Cork Yoga Mat?

Hot yoga is known to have many benefits- improves flexibility, burns calories more intensely, builds bone density, and of course helps you release toxins from the body by sweating it out. The challenge apart from keeping your head on straight in the dizzyingly hot temperature, is finding a mat that provides the grip and support your body needs.

When attempting to get through complex yoga circuits at a temperature around 100 F, it’s only expected that your limbs get extremely prone to slipping. It’s important that the mat you’re using is equipped with sweat activated grip technology. In addition to that, with all that sweat repeatedly getting on the mat, it’s bound to get musty within a couple of uses, unless the mat comes with anti-microbial, self-cleaning properties.

Cork yoga mats check all these boxes and more! When designing the yoga mat line for Kedgeree, a lot of research went into ensuring that it provided the best technical support to the user, without compromising on the sustainability of the material. The top of the mat is made from sweat absorbent cork microfibers that provide superior grip and traction every time they come in contact with moisture. Cork is a naturally anti-bacterial substance that keeps odour and other cleanliness related concerns at bay. The bottom is made from non-toxic natural rubber that at once provides stellar cushioning for your joints and prevents the mat from bunching up or slipping.

We spoke to practicing yogini Louisa Koussertari to get her take on what makes the ‘Elephant Cork Yoga Mat’ stand out and here’s what she had to say:

“The natural material feels clean and natural to my skin when I’m on it. It also reinforces good ethical choices by ensuring it is sustainably sourced, which sits better with me personally. I loved the elephants on the mat, they feel almost like they have a personality and are part of the experience on the mat with you. I feel like their spirit is to protect and this comes through as well.”

Louisa also recommends exploring Pilates, HIIT, and barre on cork mats.  

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